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Trees Planted


School Scholarships

caring for the vulnerable

We build families not orphanages.

developing leaders

Strong leaders develop strong communities.


Because we strongly believe that education leads to self-sufficient communities we invest in education at all levels. This includes elementary school through college, trade schools and skill building workshops.   


We have seen farming fight hunger. We believe that small family farms are a safety net in a fragile hand-to-mouth economic system. We also believe that farmers are the key leaders who will combat environmental issues in our community such as deforestation.  

Hope Fund

This fund was put into place to provide hope for struggling widows, single moms, disabled individuals and orphans. This fund empowers them to participate in our education and farming initiatives.

Meet Crystal

Meet Crystal

Crystal aka “Mama Crystal” grew up in central Kentucky and was strongly influenced by the missional heart of her minister father. In 2016 Crystal was part of a small team of seven missionaries who evacuated more than one hundred children out of the war zone of South Sudan. In 2018 she founded Planting Hope Global and returned to Africa to work among South Sudanese refugees living in Northern Uganda.